Hi, my name is Lathe Poland.  Welcome to LathePoland.com. This site is designed to introduce you to my work in its many different forms. I have been doing video production for nearly 20 years. In late 1999, I started Lathe Poland Productions. Several years later, with the help of a partner, I started a second company named The Scene Lab. As of 2017, I sold the bustling production company that is The Scene Lab so I could focus on stock footage production.

We have produced a lot of content over the years. We traveled all over the globe making films that perhaps dozens of people saw ;). During that time, I had an opportunity to “wear a lot of hats”. I have worked as both a camera operator and video editor, producing everything from local marketing pieces to feature length films. I have been everything from a best boy and key grip to a director of photography and an executive producer. I’ve also known the joys and perils of writing and directing. Most of my work has been marketing related, but sometimes I get a chance to work on longer form content. For example, in 2014 I wrote/produced/directed/edited the feature length documentary, Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat. The film was overwhelmingly supported financially by an amazing KickStarter community (we made 145% of our goal). 

While I certainly appreciate the success of projects like Carb-Loaded, some of those jobs I have enjoyed more than others. My favorite type of work is when I’m behind the camera. That is when I am happiest. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered the concept of stock footage. Being paid to film whatever I am interested in is a very liberating form of employment. So starting in late 2006, I started filming stock footage. I have had the thrill of filming stock in the equally exotic jungles of both Guatemala and Manhattan. Camera technology has changed quite a bit since those early days. The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is that editors need b-roll. Stock footage keeps the wheels of video production rolling. Time and again, stock curation sites like Pond5 and ShutterStock have given sleep deprived video editors job saving solutions to their problem edits. 

LP Productions stock footage business is growing day by day. In fact, the new content being produced for LP is one of the main reasons for this site.

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Can’t find what you need? We have produced nearly 20,000 stock clips. Drop me a line, and perhaps I can locate or produce what you require.