free video production?

We produce video content for you, in exchange for the right to keep some of the footage. This type of footage is referred to as stock footage. Stock footage is video content that can be used in other video projects. Stock footage is beneficial to video content producers as it saves them from shooting new material. See examples of stock footage here.

What's the catch?

We need footage! We are a video production company that specializes in stock footage. We use it in various ways and offer it for sale to other projects needing that type of footage.


We film scenes unique to your trade or industry at your location. Depending on the footage we either give you the clips and/or produce a 30 to 60 second video about what you do. You can use the clips and edited video however you like.

Released VS Unreleased footage vs Professional models

There are two types of footage resulting from a trade...Released and Unreleased. Released footage is accompanied by a signed model release. This means that the recognizable people appearing in a clip give permission for us to use it. Unreleased footage is filmed in such a way that the people in it are not recognizable. Here are examples:

A third option is for us to bring professional models and film them in addition (or instead). This is also free.

What do you get?

For Released Footage: If you permit us to film released footage, we will produce a 30 to 60 second video about your of charge. You are also given the footage to use however you would like.

For Unreleased Footage: If you permit us to film unreleased footage we give you the of charge

Here is an example of one of our stock footage trades:

Who else have we traded stock footage with?

We have had the privilege of working with some great businesses and organizations over the years. Here are just a few of the companies we have produced content for in exchange for stock footage:

  • Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
  • The Ridgefield Playhouse
  • Daniel Gale Sotheby's Real Estate
  • Danbury Sports and Wellness
  • Stamford Public School System
  • Evergreen Family Dental Care
  • Bambini Pediatrics
  • Ancona's Market

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